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Offroadrock established in 2010, is a foreign trade enterprise dedicated to cross-border e-commerce import and export. Our Company is built on the belief that Offroadrock gives people a better experience and that giving back and doing what’s right is ultimately what makes us successful.

Our focus has stayed true to camping enthusiasts, especially providing the best Portable, smokeless, sturdy and affordable eco-friendly fire pit for outdoor enthusiasts at the best prices. We believe that it’s in the wild, untamed and natural places that we find our best selves, so our purpose is to awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors, for all.

We use the gear we sell, so we understand the simple joy of having camping gear 、 Smokeless fire pits work the way it is supposed to.

We’re able to offer you honest pricing, free returns, 1year warranties, and top-notch customer service. We hold our products and our employees to the highest standards because we know that you do too, and we’re here to assist you as you embark on your journey to smokeless fire pit experiences.

We pride ourselves on doing the little things that matter and we understand that customer service and reputations make a difference. So whether you’re new to the outdoors or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll join us.

Only progress, not stop, we will move forward steadily and continuously on the parallel track of specialization and diversification, and bring the best products and services to consumers who need it most!

When you shop with offroadrock, we give you only the very best in customer service. It’s our way of saying “Thank You!” for keeping us in business for all these years! It’s the very least we can do for you!

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Address: 12811 grand river ave Detroit,MI,48223

TEL:(202) 798-8057

Official Site: offroadrock.com
Email: [email protected]


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Free Shipping Over $89.99 Offers are for traditional Ground Delivery Service and are solely valid for shipping addresses at intervals the forty eight contiguous us.

100% money back guarantee.

We’re so convinced you’ll absolutely love our easy to use service, that we’re willing to offer you an unconditional and risk-free 7-day money-back guarantee.

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To provide the best customer support to our valued customers, we offer 24/7 support!Contact email:[email protected]